About Our Company:

Our company is a mailing list broker that caters to a large network of hotels, resorts, travel agencies, airlines, cruise lines, restaurants, and other establishments in the travel industry. These establishments advertise by means of direct mail and contract with our company to provide them with names and addresses of people to promote their travel discounts and special offers to.

Reaching out to the home worker, we implemented a Data Entry Processor program into our corporate division, allowing home workers to work with our company. By doing this, we have given our company the means to become one of the nation’s largest mailing list brokers in the travel industry. This not only benefits our company but also provides individuals with the opportunity to make money from home.

We have a great need for Data Entry Processors due to the huge demand for names and addresses that is larger than we can provide to our direct mail clients on our own. Our clients continually request a large number of names and addresses and you can help us reach our goal of generating thousands of names a week. Plus, as we penetrate larger travel markets, our mailing list requirements continue to grow, which is why we need you!

Data Entry Processor Details:

As a Data Entry Processor, you will be responsible for compiling names and addresses of people who want to save money on their vacation travel, and entering them in our database in the online data entry center. Millions of people throughout the world travel every year and want the cheapest vacation prices available to save money, especially in today's economy. Who doesn't want to save money on their vacations?

You will compile the names and addresses by entering text we provide into website forms that offers people to receive a free travel certificate, which is provided by the travel companies we work with to offer vacations at a very reduced cost. We provide the text you need to enter into the forms and the website addresses where the text is entered. We also provide you with software that will fill the form automatically for you. The people who see the text you posted will send their name and address to us to receive their travel certificate, which is how the names and addresses are compiled. We have you enter their name and address in our database in the data entry center and then we mail the travel certificate to them. This is basic data entry work that you can easily do from your home computer. You will earn a guaranteed income of $1.00 for every name and address you enter in our database. You will be mailed a payment check every Friday for the total number of names and addresses you enter for the week.

Below is a sample of the form you will be filling with the text we provide. We provide you with software that will fill the form automatically for you.


Data Title (no longer than 80 letters):

Data Text (no longer than 400 letters):

Below is a sample of the form you will be using in the data entry center to enter in the names and addresses.

First Name:

Last Name:

Street Address:




This is a simple work at home job that can be done in your spare time. All it takes is just an hour or two per day. You can work full time or part time in your own hours from home. Earn a great second income or even a full time income. This is a great opportunity for stay at home moms, dads, students or anyone who wants to work in the comfort of their own home.

We are seeking only honest, self-motivated people with a desire to work from home. You will never have to call anyone, recruit anyone or sell anything. You will never have to talk to anyone over the phone or in person. There are no quotas or deadlines to meet. No previous experience is necessary.

The Following Skills Are Desirable:

  • Basic computer
  • Internet access
  • Basic typing skills

Your Weekly Payment:

You will be paid $1.00 for every name and address you enter in our database in the data entry center. You will be mailed a payment check every Friday for the total number of names and addresses you enter for the week. You will be an Independent Home Worker, not an employee, so no deductions are made from your earnings.


We provide you with your own account in the data entry center and training instructions that you will receive by rush shipping within 3-5 business days and can begin working the very same day. A one-time training package fee of $67 is required to cover our expense in getting you started, such as creating your Data Entry Processor account with our company, preparing your training instructions, shipping them to you by rush shipping so you can receive them as soon as possible, and entering you into our company pay system, which cuts checks every Friday for the names and addresses you enter each week. Your training package will also include travel and entertainment certificates for incredible savings on hotel getaways, airfare, luxury cruises, resort vacations, grocery, dining and attraction discounts, and other exceptional deals that the travel companies we work with offer. You can use these certificates whenever you are planning to vacation next, and you can even give them to your family and friends to save on their vacation travel.

There is no need to be concerned about the one-time training package fee because once you’ve entered your first 100 names and addresses, we will immediately refund you this fee in full. This is in addition to the payment of $1.00 per name and address you enter. We think that by giving you this incredible offer, it will help motivate you even further to get right to work!

We are offering you an incredible opportunity to work from home doing honest, legitimate work, along with the opportunity to make a very good income. We hope that you will take a chance on us and come to find our opportunity not only lucrative but reliable, honest and fair. We look forward to working with you!

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At Certificate Data Group, we believe in providing a top-notch program that will enable you to make money from home. Read what some of our Data Entry Processors say about our company and program.

I cannot believe how well this is going for me. This has been a lifesaver for me and my family. I wanted to stay home with my newborn daughter. I could not find any jobs that I could work from my home and still be with her. This program has enabled me to earn some income from home and still be with my daughter. My husband and I thank you.
Tammie C.

Hello, my name is Judy and I would like everyone to know that it is great being a data entry processor. The work is easy to do and flexible with my schedule. I even made $574 in my first two weeks starting. I'm so glad my friend Sara told me about this. Thank you Certificate Data Group!
Judy L.

I am impressed! I have tried other work at home programs. I will be happy to tell you which companies. The programs they offered were either non-existent, very difficult to do, or were not legitimate at all. I wish I could get my time back from them. Being a data entry processor has everything. Thank you for not taking advantage of another person looking for a job to do from home.
Adrienne S.

With all of the scams out there it is nice to know there are still some honest companies around. I just wanted to let your company know.
Todd Tomlitz

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